Comic Cards Project: Day 30 • Lois Lane

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In an era of comics defined by ridiculous, harebrained, what-were-they-thinking stories, Lois Lane wins the prize for off-the-chart silliness. In every issue of her own comic, she made a case for herself as the dopiest of Superman’s acquaintances. And that’s saying something when his best pal was Jimmy Olsen.

Although billed as “Superman’s girlfriend”, Supes rarely acted as if he was into her at all. This didn’t stop her from constantly trying to trick him into marriage, or carrying on a Betty-and-Veronica-style rivalry with Superman’s boyhood girlfriend Lana Lang.

When she wasn’t annoying the Man of Steel with her infatuation, she was perpetually trying to uncover his secret identity. You’d think that this would have been a piece of cake for such an acclaimed investigative reporter, especially since she worked at the Daily Planet newspaper side by side with the disguised Superman, but no. And by “disguised” I mean wearing glasses.

Other regular story lines involved Lois stupidly endangering herself, sure that Superman would come to her rescue, and “imaginary” stories where she was married to Superman and raising super children. Many other stories just need to be seen to be believed. For over 15 years in her own title, Lois embodied the absurdity that makes comics of that era so kitschy and fun.

Illustrating one playing card a day using characters found between 1957-1967 in DC Comics. Next up: Martian Manhunter!

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