Action Comics #196

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September 1954Editor: Whitney EllsworthCover: Win Mortimer (Pencils and Inks) 1. The Adventures of Mental Man! Script: Bill FingerPencils: Wayne BoringInks: Stan Kaye A new comic strip runs in the Daily Planet featuring Mental-Man, a superhero who uses his mind-over-matter powers to fight crime. The new strip is so popular no one notices Superman anymore.  Strangely, a cartoonist named “Inky” who is … Read More

World’s Finest Comics #72

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September-October 1954Editor: Whitney EllsworthCover: Curt Swan (Pencils) Stan Kaye (Inks) 1. Fort Crime Script: Alvin SchwartzPencils: Curt SwanInks: Stan Kaye Superman and Batman appeared together on all the covers of World”™s Finest Comics since it”™s beginning in 1941 but it wasn”™t until the issue just before this one (#71) that the comic would feature a story of the two heroes … Read More

Superman #92

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September 1954Editor: Whitney EllsworthCover: Win Mortimer (Pencils and Inks) 1. The Impossible Headlines! Script: UnknownPencils: Wayne BoringInks: Stan Kaye In just the first two panels three preposterous things happen: (1) Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White leaves on vacation but doesn’t inform anyone until he’s walking out the door (2) He brings in George Earns as his replacement from outside the … Read More

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #1

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Sept.-Oct. 1954Editor: Mort WeisingerCover: Curt Swan (Pencils), Stan Kaye (Inks) The character of Jimmy Olsen, cub reporter at the Daily Planet, originated on the radio show The Adventures of Superman in 1940. Superman”™s creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster brought the character to comics in 1941, fleshing out his personality and physical appearance, but after using Jimmy in a handful … Read More

Comic Cards Project: Day 53 • Bizarro

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Far off in the outer space of comic books, existed the whacky, cube-shaped planet known as Bizarro World. Inhabiting this cockeyed world were hordes of grotesque, imperfect imitations of Superman and Lois Lane created by a defective duplicator ray. These flawed replicas had limited intelligence and appeared to be formed out of white stone. Their behavior was governed by their Bizarro … Read More

Comic Cards Project: Day 32 • Supergirl

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When Superman’s home planet Krypton exploded, a big chunk containing Argo City and its inhabitants remained intact and drifted through space. Eventually that chunk of the planet turned into Kryptonite, deadly to the last of Krypton’s survivors. The life of teenaged Supergirl was spared by her father, who built a rocket and sent her to earth. After seeing her rocket land, Superman investigated and discovered the super powered teen. … Read More

Comic Cards Project: Day 30 • Lois Lane

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In an era of comics defined by ridiculous, harebrained, what-were-they-thinking stories, Lois Lane wins the prize for off-the-chart silliness. In every issue of her own comic, she made a case for herself as the dopiest of Superman’s acquaintances. And that’s saying something when his best pal was Jimmy Olsen. Although billed as “Superman’s girlfriend”, Supes rarely acted as if he was … Read More

Comic Cards Project: Day 17 • Jimmy Olsen

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Believe it for not Jimmy Olsen starred in his own comic book for 20 years. That’s quite a run for someone who’s only claim to fame was being Superman’s pal. If you ask me, though, Superman could have made better friend choices. Superman could have been buddies with anyone in the world so it always baffled me why he would … Read More