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Click on the images to read the corresponding comics.

"Guitar Bass Drums"

Guitar Bass Drums 02From QU33R
Robert Kirby, editor (2014)

A Rashomon-style piece featuring rock ‘n roll boys, longing and heartache from the critically-acclaimed antholgy QU33R. Read page 2 of the 3-page story here.

"Funnel of Love"

Funnel of LoveFrom No Straight Lines
Justin Hall, editor (2012)


Originally included in Boy Trouble publications edited by Robert Kirby and David Kelly, Justin Hall chose to use these, and two other pieces from that period, in his four-decade overview of queer comics.

"Nothin' But Trouble"

Nothin' But Trouble 01From THREE #2
Robert Kirby, editor (2011)

Nothin' But Trouble 02 Nothin' But Trouble 03

An 18-page collaboration with David Kelly (Steven’s Comics), “Nothin’ But Trouble” is set in the early 1960s and tells the story of a country singer and a guy he meets after a show. Critic Rob Clough of High-Low called it “a pitch-perfect slice of life story”. Read the first three pages here.

"Whiskey and a Haircut"

Whiskey and a Haircut 01From The Book of Boy Trouble,
Volume 2

Robert Kirby and David Kelly, editors (2008)

Whiskey and a Haircut 02

A road trip, Lou Reed, and a quest for cash. Greg McElhatton of Read About Comics finds it “sweet and collar-looseningly hot”. Sample the first two of the five pages here.

"Grind Variation"

Grind Variation 01From Sidewalk Bump #2
Dan Moynihan, editor (2007)

Grind Variation 02 Grind Variation 03 Grind Variation 04 Grind Variation 05

From the second issue of Dan Moynihan’s skateboard-themed anthology Sidewalk Bump. Read the entire story here.

"Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow"

Hair Today, Gone TomorrowFrom The Book of Boy Trouble
Robert Kirby and David Kelly, editors (2006)

A one-pager about hairstyles and attitudes drawn by David Kelly.

"Holy *#$%@!!"

Holy *#$%@!! 01From Pink Medicine #2
Cole Johnson, editor (2004)

Holy *#$%@!! 02

Blasphemous little story starring that often-crabby alcohol aficionado, Go-Go Girl.

"Seeing Stars"

Seeing Stars 01From
Fuchsia Galactica Summer Special
self-published (2003)

Seeing Stars 02 Seeing Stars 03 Seeing Stars 04 Seeing Stars 05 Seeing Stars 06 Seeing Stars 07

Story about an intergalactic drag queen superstar. For all ages!