Comic Cards Project: Day 35 • Alanna

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Alanna lived on the planet Rann, 25 trillion miles from earth, the home planet of her boyfriend Adam Strange. The distress of their long distance relationship was lessened by her father’s invention of a “zeta beam” which instantly transported Adam to Alanna every six weeks until the effect wore off and he was returned back to earth. Each time Adam would … Read More

Comic Cards Project: Day 5 • Adam Strange

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Adam Strange is an archaeologist who gets zapped by a “zeta beam” and is instantly transported 25 trillion miles away to the planet Rann. There he finds an advanced civilization of earth-like humans and is befriended by one of their scientists who has a beautiful daughter (of course) named Alanna. Before too long, the zeta beam wears off and Adam returns to earth. Every six weeks he rendezvouses with a zeta beam in … Read More