Comic Cards Project: Day 5 • Adam Strange

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Adam Strange is an archaeologist who gets zapped by a “zeta beam” and is instantly transported 25 trillion miles away to the planet Rann. There he finds an advanced civilization of earth-like humans and is befriended by one of their scientists who has a beautiful daughter (of course) named Alanna. Before too long, the zeta beam wears off and Adam returns to earth.

Every six weeks he rendezvouses with a zeta beam in order to return to Rann (and his beloved Alanna) and every time he finds the planet in the midst of some crisis. Every. Single. Time. They are ALWAYS being attacked by aliens, robots, or monsters. And every time, this ordinary schmuck from Earth is the only one who can pull it together and save the planet from certain doom.

If you ask me, it’s incredibly far-fetched, even by comic book standards. Beyond all of this, Alanna and Adam are supposed to be deeply in love, even though they only see each other every six weeks, never go out to dinner, and never spend a moment alone. Doesn’t that all seem a little”¦ strange?

Illustrating one playing card a day using characters found between 1957-1967 in DC Comics. Another post on Monday!

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