Comic Cards Project: Day 35 • Alanna

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Alanna lived on the planet Rann, 25 trillion miles from earth, the home planet of her boyfriend Adam Strange. The distress of their long distance relationship was lessened by her father’s invention of a “zeta beam” which instantly transported Adam to Alanna every six weeks until the effect wore off and he was returned back to earth.

Each time Adam would arrive on Rann he was immediately met by some crisis that required heroism on his part in order to save Alanna, the city of Ranagar, or the entire planet. That’s a lot to ask of an ordinary guy, don’t you think?

Alanna wasn’t your ordinary damsel in distress though. With her jet pack and ray gun, she would usually fight alongside Adam, and appeared in virtually every one of his monthly Mystery in Space adventures from 1958-1965. Compared to other female characters of the era, she was obviously the product of a more advanced civilization.

Illustrating one playing card a day using characters found between 1957-1967 in DC Comics. Monday: At last! Aquaman!

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