Strange Adventures #48

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September 1954Editor: Julius SchwartzCover: Murphy Anderson (Pencils and Inks) 1. The Human Phantom Script: Otto BinderPencils: Gil KaneInks: Joe Giella Some dude drinks some water he pumped up from deep inside the earth and acquires the ability to pass through solid objects. He discovers the water has turned him into “negative matter” making it possible to walk through walls and for … Read More

Adventure Comics #204

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September 1954Editor: Mort WeisingerCover: Win Mortimer (Pencils and Inks) 1. The Super Brat of Smallville! Script: Otto BinderPencils: John SikelaInks: John Sikela Bradley Ashton is a rich orphan with a pet cheetah who has just moved to Superboy’s hometown of Smallville. Unfortunately, his penchant for cruel practical jokes is causing headaches for the Boy of Steel.  Before long, Superboy’s had … Read More

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #1

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Sept.-Oct. 1954Editor: Mort WeisingerCover: Curt Swan (Pencils), Stan Kaye (Inks) The character of Jimmy Olsen, cub reporter at the Daily Planet, originated on the radio show The Adventures of Superman in 1940. Superman”™s creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster brought the character to comics in 1941, fleshing out his personality and physical appearance, but after using Jimmy in a handful … Read More