Comic Cards Project: Day 33 • Lead

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Doc Magnus invented the Metal Men, a team of robots that possessed the unique strengths and weaknesses of their namesake element. The eccentric scientist also inadvertently bestowed individual personalities on the six mechanical heroes, and as a result they were sometimes too human. The heaviest member of the group, Lead was stammering and slow-witted but always willing to take on the job at hand. As a non-conducting metal, Lead could act as a … Read More

Comic Cards Project: Day 29 • Mercury

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Comic Cards Project: Day 29 • Mercury Mercury was another one of the Metal Men and, as he liked to brag, the only metal that’s liquid at room temperature. I guess that would explain why he wasn’t held together with rivets like his robotic comrades (a little detail I never noticed until making the drawing for this card). Mercury was … Read More

Comic Cards Project: Day 24 • Iron

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Like his other five comrades in the Metal Men, Iron was a robot who thought he was human. However, he didn’t cause the Metal Men’s creator Dr. Will Magnus nearly as much trouble as some of the others—like hot-headed Mercury, timid Tin, or impetuous Platinum. Iron was always reliable, good-natured, and strong—the group’s powerhouse—who, like the others, was able to form himself into an … Read More

Comic Cards Project: Day 14 • Platinum

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Platinum is the only “female” among the six heroic robots known as The Metal Men and the only one with a crush on their inventor, Dr. Will Magnus. Despite his protests that it was impossible, Platinum insisted she was in love with the Doc, making herself a nuisance and complicating his attempts at romance with “real” women. But these problems … Read More

Comic Cards Project: Day 13 • Doc Magnus

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Scientific genius and inventor Dr. Will Magnus created a team of kooky robots known as The Metal Men. Each of the six robots’ abilities and distinct personalities reflected the properties of their namesake metallic element. Gold, Iron, Mercury, Lead, Tin, and Platinum constantly aggravated Doc Magnus with their displays of emotion, a result, he claimed, of the faulty “responsometers” he had … Read More

Comic Cards Project: Day 10 • Gold

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Gold led a quirky band of robots called The Metal Men that exhibited human emotions much to the dismay of their inventor, Dr. Will Magnus. Although they are pretty obscure today, they had a good 8 year run in their own series back in the 60s. Gold and his fellow Metal Men (Iron, Lead, Mercury, Tin, and Platinum, the only “female” robot) all had distinct … Read More