Adventure Comics #204

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September 1954Editor: Mort WeisingerCover: Win Mortimer (Pencils and Inks) 1. The Super Brat of Smallville! Script: Otto BinderPencils: John SikelaInks: John Sikela Bradley Ashton is a rich orphan with a pet cheetah who has just moved to Superboy’s hometown of Smallville. Unfortunately, his penchant for cruel practical jokes is causing headaches for the Boy of Steel.  Before long, Superboy’s had … Read More

Comic Cards Project: Day 52 • Aquagirl

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In 1967, Aquaman was arguably at the height of his popularity—with both his own comic and Saturday morning cartoon. The character had recently gotten married and had a baby, so it probably seemed the next logical expansion of his supporting cast was to create a love interest for his sidekick Aqualad. Aquagirl was an orphan with a wild streak who came … Read More

Comic Cards Project: Day 36 • Aquaman

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I’m not really sure why, but Aquaman has always been my favorite superhero. Maybe it’s because I was always predisposed to underdogs and stuff out of the mainstream, or it could be—as a blonde kid—I identified with the blonde character. It’s also possible that I was attracted to him because at the time I was discovering superhero comics, I loved swimming and the beach. Who knows? But enough about me. Aquaman debuted … Read More

Comic Cards Project: Day 19 • Mera

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I guess we’ll probably never know why Aquaman’s wife Mera only went by her given name and not something a little flashier like Aqua Lady. She was queen of an underwater world in another dimension but married Aquaman and became queen of Atlantis. Shortly after the wedding they had a baby, making Aquaman the first superhero to have a family. They … Read More

Comic Cards Project: Day 8 • Aqualad

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I always liked superhero sidekicks and Aqualad might have been my favorite, even in spite of his dopey name. No wonder Aquaman called him by the nickname “Tadpole”. What was wrong with “Aquaboy”—too obvious? It’s a good thing Aqualad didn’t go to school because I’m sure the other kids would have tormented him over it. His unfortunate handle didn’t seem … Read More