Comic Cards Project: Day 52 • Aquagirl

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In 1967, Aquaman was arguably at the height of his popularity—with both his own comic and Saturday morning cartoon. The character had recently gotten married and had a baby, so it probably seemed the next logical expansion of his supporting cast was to create a love interest for his sidekick Aqualad. Aquagirl was an orphan with a wild streak who came … Read More

Comic Cards Project: Day 36 • Aquaman

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I’m not really sure why, but Aquaman has always been my favorite superhero. Maybe it’s because I was always predisposed to underdogs and stuff out of the mainstream, or it could be—as a blonde kid—I identified with the blonde character. It’s also possible that I was attracted to him because at the time I was discovering superhero comics, I loved swimming and the beach. Who knows? But enough about me. Aquaman debuted … Read More

Comic Cards Project: Day 8 • Aqualad

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I always liked superhero sidekicks and Aqualad might have been my favorite, even in spite of his dopey name. No wonder Aquaman called him by the nickname “Tadpole”. What was wrong with “Aquaboy”—too obvious? It’s a good thing Aqualad didn’t go to school because I’m sure the other kids would have tormented him over it. His unfortunate handle didn’t seem … Read More