Comic Cards Project: Day 43 • Nameless

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The robot Tin of the Metal Men, though timid and shy, yearned for a companion. Lonely and dejected, he one day aimlessly wondered the streets of the city until he stumbled upon a do-it-yourself robot kit in a toy store window.

Tin quickly purchased the kit and assembled it incorporating one of Doc Magnus’s discarded “responsometers.” (Doc Magnus was the inventor of the Metal Men and a reponsometer was like a brain inside each of his robots.) Tin’s construction turned out to be a “female” version of himself, complete with his characteristic insecurity and stuttering.

Tin instantly fell for his new girl robot and she returned his affection. Unfortunately, he couldn’t think of a name for her, nor could the rest of the Metal Men, so it was left to the readers of the comic to name her.

Though fans sent in hundreds of names like Tinette, Tinsel, and Tin Lizzie, a name was never chosen. The most obvious choice, Tina, didn’t work because it was already the nickname of teammate Platinum. Tin’s girlfriend became a permanent member of the group and he always called her “Beautiful”—but to everyone else she remained Nameless.

Illustrating one playing card a day using characters found between 1957-1967 in DC Comics. Tomorrow: the Doom Patrol’s Chief!

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