Comic Cards Project: Day 9 • Hawkgirl

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Contrary to what you might think, Hawkgirl wasn’t Hawkman’s sidekick but his wife and equal partner—or equal partner by 60s standards. Their comic was still called Hawkman and when the Justice League asked her hubby to join they pointedly did not invite Hawkgirl.

And yes, she did lug around a mace, as a well as other ancient weapons. It seems that in their secret identities as co-curators of a museum they didn’t have any ethical conflicts with using items from the collection to bash the bad guys in the head. Maybe she should have used her mace on the writers that kept her flying under a glass ceiling.

Illustrating one playing card a day using characters found between 1957-1967 in DC Comics. Another post tomorrow!

4 Comments on “Comic Cards Project: Day 9 • Hawkgirl”

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