The Aquatones

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Lonesome Town

Soon after the release of the one and only CD by my first band, The Smarties, I recruited some friends to help me record a solo project, The Aquatones. Named after my aqua-colored Fender Mustang, The Aquatones consisted of musicians who had all been members of The Smarties at one time or another. Mark Bilyeu, one-time bass player for The Smarties, engineered the recording and also played guitar and sang back-up. Jay Williamson was the original percussionist for The Smarties and played snare and bongos here. Matt Netzer played bass and Sheri Hurst sang back-up and played tambourine and maracas. We recorded all 6 songs ‘live’ in the living room of a house in the woods that belonged to Mark’s family on a Sunday night in October of 1996. The set consisted of one of my songs and others originally done by Ricky Nelson, X, Lone Justice, The Jive Five, and Madonna. Considering the constraints of having only one night to record and recording without overdubs, I think it turned out pretty good. Now you can check out The Aquatones on the internet.

Keep an eye out for a new recording from my current band Spoilsport. We’ve been working on it off and on for a while now but we’re getting really close to finishing it up. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer!

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