Spoilsport – Cream of the Pop – April 28

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Spoilsport is part of Boston’s Cream of the Pop festival April 26-28. Sixteen bands, three venues and three days. Spoilsport will be playing with The Specific Heats, Mittens and more at the festival finale Saturday, April 28 at Great Scott in Allston. Seriously, how could you even consider missing this?

Show The First:
Thursday night at the Lizard Lounge: Yoni Gordon, The Juliet Kilo, Indian Style

Show The Second:
Friday Night at PA’s Lounge: The Icicles, Shumai, The Smittens, Casper & the Cookies

Show The Third:
Saturday Matinee at Great Scott: Joe Finkel & the Wild Kindness, The Besties, The Li’l Hospital

Show the Fourth:
Saturday Night Finale at Great Scott: Mittens, My Teenage Stride, Hands & Knees, The Specific Heats, Spoilsport, Ryan Walsh

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