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If you’ve been skipping Monkey School lately be sure to check it out. Episode 7 of the podcast has just been posted – the second one this year. There are more to come so be sure to stop by often or to subscribe. And don’t forget to let us know what you think!

ON THE SIDE: This week Monkey School examines the irresistible pull of the musical side-project. We celebrate those intrepid artists who dare to break free of the formulas of their established acts to try something new and different. While the results don’t often warrant the abandonment of one’s day job, it gives fans a sense of their versatility. So join us as we visit some strange and fascinating interludes in the careers of a few of our favorite musicians.

Pinhead Gunpowder ““ New Blood
The Mopes ““ I Don’t Know How to Say Goodbye
The Amps ““ Like A Briar
Tom Tom Club ““ The Man With The 4 Way Hips
Visiting Kids ““ Trilobites
Future Bible Heroes ““ Losing Your Affection
The Creatures ““ Broken
The Glove ““ Mouth To Mouth
The Good The Bad And The Queen ““ Herculean
Postal Service ““ Be Still My Heart
Billy Bragg and Wilco ““ California Stars
The Knitters – Dry River
Chitlin’ Fooks – Seen It All
Latin Playboys ““ Forever Night Shade Mary

Opening theme: The Mopes ““ Hula Hoop
Background song: The Pyronauts ““ Pie
Closing theme: Wolfgang Kaltenbach ““ Party Shaker

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