Comic Cards Project: Day 48 • Robotman

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An accident on a European racetrack left wealthy international daredevil Cliff Steele with a body damaged beyond repair. His brain escaped injury, though, and a surgical genius transplanted it into a scientifically-advanced metallic body. It wasn”™t until Cliff was recruited for the Doom Patrol that he learned that their leader, The Chief, had been the surgeon who turned him into Robot Man.

Elasti-Girl and Negative Man rounded out the members of the Doom Patrol, a group of outsiders who banded together to use their unusual abilities for good. Wisecracking, hot tempered Cliff was the most cynical of the bunch, at least on the surface, but he sometimes let his soft side show—especially when it came to his feelings for Elasti-Girl.

The Doom Patrol came along in 1963—about a year after the debut of The Metal Men—but Robot Man”™s design seemed primitive compared to that band of artificially intelligent robots. Perhaps The Chief should have consulted with Doc Magus, the Metal Men”™s creator, for a little help in crafting Mr. Steele”™s body. Maybe with a sleeker physique Robot Man would have been a little less discontent with his situation.

Illustrating one playing card a day using characters found between 1957-1967 in DC Comics. Tomorrow: Superman”™s dog, Krypto!

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