Comic Cards Project: Day 6 • The Flash

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The debut of The Flash in 1956 revived interest in superheroes and marked the beginning of what became known to comic geeks as the Silver Age of comics. After World War II, superheroes declined in popularity and only a few super characters survived into the 50s.

However, comic books about crime, horror, and romance, which by that time made up a larger share of the market, came under scrutiny because government types said that they inspired juvenile delinquency. In 1954 publishers implemented the Comics Code Authority to regulate content and many of the controversial titles folded.

In an effort to come up with new material, DC comics, publisher of Superman and Batman, decided to reboot an old character that had been popular in the 40s. Keeping the old name and the power of super speed, the new Flash had a new costume, a new power source, and a new secret identity. The character was an instant success and led to the revival of additional old favorites like Green Lantern, Hawkman, and The Atom, ensuring my childhood would be filled with buff guys in skintight outfits.

Illustrating one playing card a day using characters found between 1957-1967 in DC Comics. Tomorrow: Wonder Girl!

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