Battle For Azeroth Dungeons in WoW Mythic Mode: Basics, Rewards, and Tips

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Because of the spoilage and spoilage resistance, it makes no sense to rewrite the guide at all, because in two months, 15-16 keys will be able to pass almost solo. I did not think there would be so fast nerve content.

Addition Battle For Azeroth continued the development of a special PvE-mode for five players, namely the epochal dungeons, incorporating some ideas from Legion, slightly transforming their passing mechanics and putting more emphasis on team action.

As before, the epochal+ mode includes enhanced opponents and bosses compared to normal dungeons, and a timer during which you must pass the dungeon, as well as various modifiers that enhance both normal opponents and bosses:

Let’s look at everything in order. Basics The key itself, which gives access to the epochal mode, is obtained in several ways. The first is to get the key at the end of completing an epochal dungeon, the second is to get the weekly reward from a faction chest, the third is to enlist the help of another player who has one. The key, as before, there is a binding to a particular dungeon (determined randomly) and modifiers (change with every weekly update game worlds, except for the seasonal modifier). The keys themselves gain a level when passing a dungeon in a specified amount of time, and are weakened when passing, for a time that exceeds the allowable or the update of the dungeon not passed.

During the weekly update, the keys from the previous week will disappear from the inventory, and a new one will have to be obtained in the above way. Change the dungeon to which the key is attached, you can only pass it to the end, and if you update the dungeon in which the key was started before it passed, the level of the key will be reduced by 1, but the dungeon remains the same.

The conditions for passing the dungeon remain the same:
you must kill a certain number of normal opponents in the dungeon;
You must kill all the bosses of the dungeon.
Passage time requirements remain the same, as in the Legion add-on:
Each dungeon has its own completion time;

When going through a dungeon in the allotted time, the player whose key was used at the start, will improve it by 1 level, and if the group copes with the conditions of the passage and it remains more than 20% of the specified time, the key will improve by 2 levels, and if more than 40% to 3 levels. But the amount of rewards will remain the same, ie will improve only the key, but not the chest at the end of the passage;
each death of a player in a dungeon takes 5 seconds off the timer time.


Principles of rewards accrual:

By completing a dungeon and meeting the timer from the second to the tenth level of the key, players will receive three items, the level of which will correspond to the level of the key they have completed.
Passing the dungeon and not meeting the timer from the second to the tenth level of the key, players will receive two items of the corresponding level.
The reward in the faction chest also depends on the level of the closed key for the previous week (it does not matter if it is closed on time or not). The reward contains a key (one level lower than last week’s dungeon) for the following week, as well as some artifact power, titanic dust and an equipment item appropriate to your specialization.
Passing a dungeon with an epochal key above level 10, you will get a chance for an additional item in the loot – 40% for each level of the key. For example, with 10 key closed in the timer you get 3 things, and with 15 already 5, with 20 – 7 things. If you do not meet the timer, you lose one item in the chest.

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General Guidelines

General guidelines for all players in epochal+ dungeons:
Ranged players and healers should stand at an average distance from their opponents almost all of the time of combat, except when mechanics require a different positioning. Most abilities are made in such a way that playing as an RDD is very dangerous and uncomfortable. If you play as such a class, you should keep a medium range, this will allow you to avoid getting hit by enemies’ abilities, but will not make the group uncomfortable either. Positioning I will recommend in the dungeon guides.

All players should try to position themselves slightly apart from each other, optimally within 6m of each other unless the mechanics require otherwise. This will help avoid accidental damage from abilities that deal area damage (mostly they work within 5m of the target).
It is the tank’s responsibility to turn all enemies away from the group, as almost every group of enemies in the dungeon has abilities that deal cone damage in front of them, and other players should watch out that some enemies may turn and use cone damage toward a random player, and avoid hitting them.

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