Comic Cards Project: Day 10 • Gold

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Gold led a quirky band of robots called The Metal Men that exhibited human emotions much to the dismay of their inventor, Dr. Will Magnus. Although they are pretty obscure today, they had a good 8 year run in their own series back in the 60s.

Gold and his fellow Metal Men (Iron, Lead, Mercury, Tin, and Platinum, the only “female” robot) all had distinct personalities and were usually in conflict with Doc Magnus and each other. Their stories offer a mixture of oddball adventure and goofy fun.

I bet a Metal Men animated movie or series could be a huge hit if they kept the character designs and tone of the original. I’m sure Gold would keep his irrepressible cohorts in line for the inevitable sequels or subsequent seasons.

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2 Comments on “Comic Cards Project: Day 10 • Gold”

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